Congratulations to Broadneck Elementary School! On March 1, 2019, the largest gathering of people dressed as Dr. Suess characters was achieved by Broadneck Elementary School and Broadneck Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization in Arnold, MD, USA. Nine-hundred-thirty-two (932) students, staff, and family members came out to take part in the event.  

Thank you!


Thank you to the many, many individuals who went above and beyond in making this event such a success. We appreciate each and every one of you. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it could not have happened so seamlessly without all of the time, talents, support, and resources provided by our entire school community. It started with a small idea, but it grew into something amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped our children believe in magic. 

In particular, the PTO would like to thank the following individuals: 

Past PTO President, Amanda Fiedler

This event was your baby - born from the imaginative ruminations of a child. You explained that your idea originally came from a student in a third grade class while you volunteered as a guest reader. Thank you for giving that idea life. You have inspired all of us to think bigger and brighter. Thank you for inspiring and energizing our children and our entire school community. 

BES Principal, Mr. John Noon

An enormous thank you to Mr. Noon for supporting Amanda Fiedler's "crazy" idea in her first year as PTO President. 

BES Reading Resource Teacher, Mrs. Booberg

Like all of our staff, you give so much to our school. This endeavor was no different. It is impossible to truly articulate how much time and effort you contributed to prepare for this event. Even afterwords, you continued to handle months of evidence requests. Simply put, this event would not have been a success without you. Thank you. 

Stan Benjamin

Thank you to Stan Benjamin for using your drone to capture such amazing aerial photos of the event, some of which are shown above and on our private Facebook page

Our Many Volunteers

Thank you to all of the volunteers. Thank you for making paper costumes; donating costume pieces (wigs, hats, tails, etc.); accessorizing students and staff; dressing up and participating; helping out as timers, stewards, and witnesses; donating turnstiles; providing moving services to deliver and return the turnstiles; setting up and breaking down the event - the list truly could go on. Hundreds of helpful hands contributed to the success of this event. Thank you to everyone. 

BES Teachers and Staff

There are not many professions in which staff members willingly paint their faces, spray paint their hair, and go to work dressed up as a Dr. Suess character on a random Friday in March. Thank you for indulging us and participating in our crazy endeavor. The students were so excited to see their favorite staff members and teachers dressed up. Thank you for helping with all of the preparations, reminders, and last minute costume tweaks. We could not have done this without your help.

Parents and Guardians

Thank you to all of the parents and guardians for following the narrow guidelines without complaint and purchasing and creating Dr. Suess costumes - sometimes at the last minute! (Sources say that it was a mini pre-party at the local Party City the night before the event). Staff and volunteers were prepared to help with last minute costumes for children who forgot or had costumes that did not comply with the guidelines, but we never could have pulled off a record attempt without the support of all of the parents. 

All of You

I am sure that we have missed people, but please know that the PTO, staff, and students thank and appreciate you. We will never forget the joy and excitement on the students' faces that morning as the school filled with Dr. Suess characters. It was truly a once in a lifetime event.