About the Race for Education

The Race for Education is our ONLY fundraising event of the year. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to directly benefit your child's educational experience at our school.

How Do Kids Raise Funds

Kids raise funds by creating a Race for Education website. Children and parents can encourage family members and friends to donate using your child's website. 

Click to Create Your Child's Website

Incentives for Students


How the Event Works

During your child's cultural arts period, their class will run laps around the parking lot. After completing each lap, the child will receive a rubber band. At the end of the race, the officials will count each child's individual rubber bands and record the number of laps completed. The boy and girl who run the most laps in each grade will receive a medal.

Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors: 


If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Brooke Long at


If you have any questions, please contact Marie Marquardt at